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Partnering for Success: Akesa’s Clinical Trial Excellence

Our Commitment to the Success of Your Clinical Trial

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Partnering for Success: Akesa’s Clinical Trial Excellence

Our Commitment to the Success of Your Clinical Trial

Expert Guidance for Your Clinical Trial

Our team is fully dedicated to navigating the complexities of commercial supply, ensuring your clinical trial’s optimal chances for success. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their precise requirements, offering tailored solutions to fulfill their unique needs.

With our extensive experience in clinical trial supply, we are the experts in designing and delivering a best fit sourcing and logistics strategy for your clinical trial needs. Furthermore, our team ensures that all products are sourced securely from validated suppliers and manufacturers, mitigating potential risks and ensuring a seamless, trouble-free journey for your trial from inception to conclusion. Find out more.

Partnering with World Courier’s global depots

At Akesa, we recognise the importance of supply chain optimisation, regulatory compliance and reliability in managing pharmaceutical and clinical trial products. That’s why we entrust our operational functions to top-tier GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) warehousing and logistics partner.

Our partnership with Cencora World Courier’s global depots ensures your valuable products arrive on time and in temperature. Our comprehensive warehousing and logistics services are customised to meet your specific requirements, guaranteeing the safety, integrity, and timely delivery of your shipments are maintained. For more information on our warehousing and logistics.

Strong Supplier Partnerships at Akesa 

We take pride in our direct relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers and global network of major wholesalers and distributors, enabling us to craft tailored supply chain solutions that precisely match our clients’ unique demands. Our seasoned team collaborates closely with manufacturers to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs and foster strong working connections.

This strategic approach empowers us to support our clients with access to product documentation, large quantities, batch and expiry requirements, and personalised supply chain solutions, ensuring the continuous delivery of exceptional service.

We invest substantial time and resources into nurturing these alliances, guaranteeing our clients access to the products they require precisely when they need them. For more information on our supplier access.

Elevate Biosimilar Trial Supply with Akesa’s Expertise 

At Akesa, we understand that managing a clinical supply chain for biosimilar trials is anything but ordinary. These trials pose unique challenges that require specialised knowledge from clinical supply chain experts.

One significant challenge involves procuring the comparator medication, particularly when these trials often revolve around high-demand and costly
biologic medications. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we design and implement exceptional supply solutions.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence motivates us to establish the most efficient clinical trial supply strategies, ultimately contributing to our sponsors’ success. For more information on our Biosimilar Trials