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Redefining Healthcare Access with CT Connect

Streamlined Access for clinical trial Pharmacy Sites

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Redefining Healthcare Access with CT Connect

Streamlined Access for Hospital Pharmacy Trial Sites

At Akesa, our CT connect is more than just a service; it’s a transformation of how healthcare access is defined. We’ve pioneered a specialised approach that cuts through traditional distribution channels, with a clear mission: to deliver products directly to hospital pharmacy trial sites. Through this approach, we ensure that patients receive the necessary items promptly and with unparalleled convenience.

Order Process

Upon receiving the CT order, Akesa assumes a critical role in the process. Their meticulous review of the order aims to guarantee its accuracy and completeness. Once the order passes this scrutiny, Akesa proceeds to process it, setting in motion the next crucial phase.

In the intricate process of clinical trial management, a well-defined sequence of actions ensures the smooth flow of investigational products (IPs) from clinical trial sites to participants. It all begins when the clinical trial site initiates the journey by sending a clinical trial (CT) order to Akesa.

Delivery Confirmation Process

Efficiency and accountability are paramount in the process of confirming the delivery of investigational products (IPs) to the clinical trial site. The initial step in this crucial verification process begins when the clinical trial site takes delivery of the IPs and promptly acknowledges this receipt. This acknowledgment serves as the tangible proof of the arrival of these components. 

Next, the clinical trial site extends its commitment to transparency by confirming the delivery of the IPs to Akesa. This step fosters clear communication and ensures that all parties involved are aware of the successful transfer.

To culminate this intricate confirmation process, Akesa diligently reconciles the delivery of the IPs with the original order. This review ensures that the IPs received align perfectly with the initial specifications, guaranteeing accuracy and compliance with the trial’s requirements. These concerted efforts towards confirmation exemplify the dedication and precision that underlie the management of investigational products within the clinical trial ecosystem. 

Payment Process

The financial aspects of managing investigational products (IPs) within a clinical trial involve a series of carefully orchestrated steps to ensure transparency and accountability.  

The wholesale distributor takes on the responsibility of reviewing the invoice with diligence and punctuality, honouring the financial commitments associated with the clinical trial. This step not only demonstrates financial accountability but also contributes to the seamless operation of the trial. 

In parallel with these financial transactions, the clinical trial site plays its part by generating an activity and accountability report for the IPs on a regular basis. This comprehensive report serves as a vital documentation of the IPs’ journey within the trial. It outlines critical information, including the IPs received, dispensed, and returned, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to a transparent record of the trial’s progress. These collaborative actions, from invoicing to reporting, are instrumental in maintaining the financial integrity and effective management of IPs within the clinical trial.