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Elevate Your CRO Clinical Trials with Akesa 

Your Partner for CRO Clinical Trials 

The Asia-Pacific specialists with global reach, Akesa is the trusted partner of leading Clinical Research Organisations (CROs), streamlining and accelerating your Sponsors clinical trials.

Our dedicated team acts as the critical point of contact for your strategic planning, feasibility and operations teams, offering market intelligence and product access strategies that equip your team with the information necessary for robust project planning. We manage the supply and sourcing of comparator and combination therapies, rescue medication, and samples for analysis, allowing you to concentrate on the important work of delivering successful trials.

By bringing on board our project management team at the beginning of your Sponsors clinical trial, we help ensure your trials are delivered on time and within budget. Akesa is your strategic partner in achieving clinical trial success.

Simplifying Clinical Trial Supply for CRO and Sponsor

Sourcing supplies is one of the most challenging aspects of clinical trials. With an estimated two-thirds of all trials requiring comparators and co-therapies, Sponsors and CROs often face complex operational, regulatory, and financial landscapes when sourcing product.

Akesa cuts through the red tape with direct access to manufacturers. We offer product access and sourcing strategies early in your clinical trial design phase, ensuring uninterrupted supply and speed to site.

Next-Level Services for CRO’s

Different countries have different legislation, and language barriers can make the process of sourcing product for your clinical trial even more complicated. With a global footprint and trusted partners across Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the United States, Akesa can support your clinical supply requirements, no matter how complex.

Akesa provides custom clearance solutions and ensures adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. Our dedicated team have in-depth knowledge of country-specific regulations and stay up to date with government requirements to guarantee compliance and reduce risk.

Logistics, Labelling and More

Comparator sourcing in clinical trials is logistically intensive. Timely and secure product sourcing from suppliers, labelling and transport to clinical trial sites involves coordination across multiple stakeholders.  

Akesa ensures seamless delivery while adhering to regulatory requirements. We offer clinical trial supply extended services, direct-to-site services, along with direct-to-patient solutions.  

Trust Akesa to manage these patient centric critical elements, saving you time and ensuring your trial’s success from start to finish.