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Akesa: early phase drug trial services 

Spend more time on bringing your drug to market

At Akesa, we offer a comprehensive assistance of Early phase drug trials services tailored to meet the unique needs of sponsors and their patients. Our services are designed to streamline and optimise the process, ensuring that your trial runs smoothly and efficiently. Expert Support for Your Clinical Trial Sourcing.

Collaborating with You to Develop a Strategic Sourcing Approach

We are fully dedicated to collaborating with you in crafting a customised strategic approach for your early phase trials. We comprehend that the success of your clinical trial pivots on an efficient and dependable supply chain.

Our commitment initiates with a thorough evaluation of the distinctive prerequisites of your trial, considering the intricacies often associated with early phase trials. We acknowledge that sourcing comparator medications is a pivotal element, and we collaborate closely with you to formulate a strategy that ensures a seamless and consistent supply of these indispensable components.

Our objective is to empower you with a competitive advantage, enabling you to execute your early phase trial with the utmost confidence and precision.

Building robust supplier partnerships to assist sponsors in achieving an integrated supply chain solution.

At Akesa, we recognise that a strong and efficient supply chain forms the bedrock of successful early phase trials. We take pride in our capacity to nurture and develop solid supplier relationships that assume a pivotal role in delivering integrated supply chain solutions to our esteemed sponsors. These associations are constructed upon trust, dependability, and a shared dedication to the advancement of healthcare.

Our method entails close collaboration with our supplier network, promoting transparent communication and aligning our objectives with theirs. This harmony empowers us to furnish sponsors with a comprehensive and smooth supply chain solution, guaranteeing the punctual provision of critical trial components.

From procuring top-tier early phase trial materials to optimising logistics, our integrated supply chain approach is crafted to simplify the intricacies of clinical trials, enabling our sponsors to concentrate on their primary mission of advancing medical research.

Supporting Early Drug Trial Development

In our commitment to advancing medical research, Akesa is your dedicated partner in supporting early drug trial development. We understand that the journey from concept to cure is marked by challenges and uncertainties, and our mission is to alleviate these burdens.

By delivering top-tier services, cultivating strong supplier relationships, and prioritising seamless supply chains, we empower you to focus on groundbreaking research and medical discoveries. Together, we embark on a shared mission to bring hope, healing, and innovation to the world of healthcare.