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Navigating the external forces shaping clinical trials

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The global landscape for clinical trials is influenced by a myriad of external market factors, each contributing to the complexities of conducting successful trials.

Below, we explore the most significant influences shaping clinical trials in 2024.

Global health expenditure

Governments and the private sector are boosting healthcare budgets, leading to significant increases in spending on clinical trials. This rise in investment not only reflects a growing commitment to advancing medical research and development but also opens new avenues for clinical trials across therapeutic areas.

Rising drug development costs

The rising cost of R&D means drug development is becoming increasingly expensive. Despite increased investment from governments and the private sector, rising costs impact feasibility and apply downward pressure on the number of new trials. Higher costs mean careful planning and budget management are essential for conducting successful clinical trials.

Pharmaceutical pricing pressures

The necessity to offset high development costs and cater to niche markets means pharmaceutical prices are on the rise. This trend directly impacts the cost considerations of clinical trial supplies, highlighting the importance of strategic sourcing and cost management.

Demographic shifts

The changing global demographic landscape, with aging populations in the West and younger demographics in Asia, influences the locations and types of clinical trials, necessitating flexible and diverse trial strategies.

Evolving disease trends

Increased affluence in regions like Asia is leading to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, while the prevalence of age-related conditions is increasing in Western countries. These changes in disease trends are influencing the focus areas of clinical trials and associated supply chains.

The rise of biosimilars

The shift towards biologic pharmaceuticals over chemical ones necessitates more clinical trials to ensure their efficacy and safety, subsequently increasing the demand for specialised trial supplies.

The COVID-19 catalyst

The pandemic has not only accelerated vaccine trials and the adoption of novel technologies like mRNA but has also expanded the scope for combination therapies. This evolution has significantly increased the demand for clinical trial supplies, leading to local and global shortages of some products.

Decentralised trials

The pivot towards decentralised trials, influenced by rising costs and the impact of COVID-19, underscores the need for localised sourcing and distribution strategies to support these flexible trial structures.

Integrity of data

As clinical trials become more complex and costly, the emphasis on data integrity, accuracy and reliability has intensified. This focus is not merely about ensuring the correctness of data but also about upholding the highest standards of research ethics and regulatory compliance.

Regulatory and geopolitical landscapes

Regulatory requirements and geopolitical risks, including conflicts and tensions in key regions, present additional layers of complexity in sourcing and conducting trials.

The landscape of clinical trials is increasingly influenced by a complex web of market factors. Navigating these challenges requires a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and strategic planning to ensure the integrity, efficiency, and success of clinical trials.

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